Home Energy Assessments

Balanced Energy Solutions performs Home Performance with Energy Star audits, visual assessments, Do It Yourself consultations and everything in between. Identifying potential health and safety problems as well as potential building durability issues is our first priority when looking at any home. We take all of these things into account no matter what type of visit we perform.

Below are a few packages we offer. You will also find information about the testing done with each type of assessment. We do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all audit, so we encourage you to call and tell us a bit about your house so we can tailor the assessment to your needs!

Visual Assessment

This visit includes a visual assessment and report. It takes about one hour, and we will need access to all areas of the home. This assessment benefits homeowners that may want to learn more about how their house works as a system, what tests might most benefit them, and what work should be prioritized.

Blower Door/Duct Blaster Assessment

This visit includes the same visual assessment as listed above, but it also includes a Blower Door and/or Duct Blaster test. This assessment takes about two hours, and we will need access to all areas of the home. If vent registers are covered by furniture, it will need to be moved for the testing. This assessment benefits homeowners who are having comfort issues associated with drafts, temperature differences between rooms, indoor air quality concerns, and/or high energy bills. It is followed by a comprehensive report detailing the test results, what they mean, and what work is recommended to improve your home.

Home Performance with Energy Star Testing

This is the most complete assessment available. This is a whole-home audit where we use an infrared camera to verify insulation levels, test mechanical devices such as heating and cooling equipment, and look at utility bill information in conjunction with the visual assessment plus the duct blaster/blower door testing mentioned above.